By , July 5, 2009 1:45 am

founder-of-mssThe MSS, an acronym for Mewar Sewa Sansthan, non-profit, non-government organization came in to being in the year 1995 as the brain child of Late Manohar Lal Pareek with inspiration of Mr. Yaduvendra Mather Sh. (IAS) & certain individuals who provoked for the voluntarism for the development of deprived, marginalized & weaker section of society in the areas of Rajasthan.

with this objective to realize marginal community, specially women, children, equity and empowerment specially in health, nutrition, education, sanitation, environment, social evils & livelyhood in the region and has taken up issue based work which started from achieving food security to empowerment of marginalize community and women towards their representation in political sphere, checking money lending, indebtedness and ill effects of liquor in Rajasthan. It is for it incitation 3 years that they have been involved inĀ  work.

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